MAREA is a seafood restaurant from the creators of Butcher steak houses.

Seafood in MAREA restaurants comes only from wild fisheries and small farms.

Freshly caught seafood and fish are delivered every day from New Zealand, Tunis, Morocco, Norway, Russia and other countries. 


We use two cooking methods so that you can enjoy the unique taste given by nature. They save the maximum of taste and healthy nutrients.

Fresh seafood on ice, which requires only lime or lemon juice. Or seafood roasted in a wood oven on birch and quebracho coals. 


Fresh salty oysters, langoustines, various types of shrimp and prawns: Far-East salty prawns, humpback shrimp from Sakhalin, sweet Argentina prawns, tiger prawns from Bangladesh, red Kamchatka shrimp with caviar and sharp sea taste, buttery and tender, almost sweet scallops with coarse sea salt, handmade ravioli with crab and prawns.

North Sea halibut, Chilean seabass, Red snapper and Barramundi, octopus arms, baby squid and scallops, cooked in a wood oven. With a bright flavor of coals and a golden crust.

Complement your order with a glass of chilled wine or ice-cold champagne from our wine list.

Excellent quality is our profession!